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Achieving our objectives


At the core of the Greeneon vision is making a positive impact on the environment, changing lives, and creating a sustainable world for future generations.

Providing exceptional service, innovative solutions, and creative thinking are all integrated into our mission to support our customers’ and partners’ success.

In driving our mission and vision we’ve been supporting companies of all sizes respond to their need or wish to help the energy transition and remain competitive. Throughout our years of experience, we have learned that your business' success should always be our first priority.

Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients who continue to place their trust in our hands. We have always been identified with integrity and hard work, traits that have always defined us as a company and long-term success synonymous with our name. With every project we undertake, we will maintain our reputation for exceptional performance and quality.

It is our goal to support the development of strategies that will not only help you survive, but thrive in the future as well.

Leadership Team


Ed Schmidt

Co-Founder and Managing Director

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Ed is Managing Director at Greeneon, leading the strategic advisory and investment group in partnership, as well as driving innovation, within the business. 


Ed brings over 25 years’ experience in driving business growth and has built extensive international experience across a wide range of industries, operating through Europe, the US and the Asia Pacific region. In the last 15 years he held senior management positions, starting and transforming businesses, with a core focus on emerging and disrupting business models, products and services. His entrepreneurship is focused on supporting start-ups and early growth stage organisations in renewable energy. 


Troy Townsend

Co-Founder and Executive Director

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Troy jointly leads the strategy advisory and investment group, while also driving the marketing, technology and sustainability agenda for the wider organisation.

Troy is a serial entrepreneur with an immense passion for technology and green innovation.  Troy has founded and exited multiple start-ups in Australia, the US and Canada and has now co-founded Greeneon to utilise his 20+ years of technology experience to help fund and grow the new wave of green start-ups. His business successes come from having a clear and structured vision in combination with the desire to always do something bigger than your last investment. 

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