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Achieving renewable energy ambitions

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How we support

Accelerating the energy transition

Together we explore, create vision and develop solutions that support a net zero-emission future. We empower ambitious founders and inspiring businesses to deliver sustainable energy solutions that accelerate the energy transition through innovation in renewable energy. We support our customers at their next stage of growth and help them actively to shape their future.

Strategy and Advisory

Actively shaping our future

We get really excited by a net zero-emission future, and working with entrepreneurial and ambitious business owners to supercharge their organisations to achieve this goal. Through our experience, expertise, strategic insight, and operational excellence, we help your organisation to grow and develop into a sustainable future leader in the renewable energy sector.

Sustainable changes and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. In order to achieve energy innovation and groundbreaking concepts, we must inspire, motivate, and stimulate new thinking together. Testing and learning are an important part of our work, and sharing that knowledge helps shape the energy debate and supports a future energy vision.



Achieving our energy ambitions

In addition to providing existing businesses with financial security and strategic direction, Greeneon develops and invests in innovative new and mid-growth stage companies with domain expertise in renewable energy and sustainability to build know-how, intellectual property and industry leading solutions, services, and products.

Achieving local and national energy ambitions that support net zero-emission initiatives as well as a 100% renewable future, we are looking to the future, seeing opportunities, and helping to deliver to our shared objectives.

Through our investments we grow our knowledge and expertise, and create further opportunities for our business, our partners, governments and leading organisations in the industry.

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